Pike Township Fire Department

On July 31, 2022 Pike Township Fire Department crews as listed above, were dispatched to a residential address for a reported injured person with entrapment. Information provided from the Dispatcher to responding units advised there was an elderly female trapped under a car. Lt. Masters on Ladder 64 confirmed crew assignments enroute, which included utilization of the Paratech Multi-Force air lifting bag. Upon arrival, it was confirmed an 82 year old female was trapped between the bottom of the open driver side door and the drive way pavement. She was pulseless and apneic and determined to be in traumatic cardiac arrest. Engine 64 crew members quickly stabilized the vehicle while Ladder 64 crew members quickly and efficiently deployed the air bag. The air bag was placed under the front of the vehicle and operated. Once the lift was complete, the patient was quickly removed from under the vehicle and EMS crews initiated CPR. Paramedics continued advanced life support measures enroute to the hospital and were able to obtain a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) prior to arrival at the ER.


Individuals Involved:

Ladder 64 – Lt. Ryan Masters, FF Matthew Johnson, FF Ryan Forney, FF Allen Hall
Engine 64 – Lt. Jim Boros, FF/Engineer Mark Raney, FF/Paramedic Tony Fischer, FF Michael Pettygrove

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