PRT Ram Bar

"Slam and Ram"


The PRT is a powerful hand held rescue tool that can be put to work with a minimal amount of training. Primarily designed for fast, forcible entry, one person can quickly pry open locks and doors in seconds and easily break through brick and concrete block walls within a few minutes. The ‘Slam & Ram’ action of the PRT directs all of its force directly at the point of impact – without deflection, making it safer and more effective than a sledge and wedge. This heavy duty rescue tool is easily stored and transported, so it can always be…the first tool to the rescue.

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PRT Ram Bar

Technical Specs

PRT Ram Bar

  • Forged, heat treated interchangeable bits
  • Machined diamond grip to ensure a positive grip and maximum control
  • Hard coated aluminum alloy tube body
  • ‘Slam and Ram’ collar locks the ram bar at any length for added leverage and safety as well as ease of storage
  • Handle with machine grooved, non-slip grip
  • The ram bar travels up to 13.6 in (34,5 cm) for maximum impact
  • The tool bit retainer has been improved for extreme twisting applications

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