SPF Hooligan

Single Piece Forged Hooligan


The SPF Hooligan is a single-piece forged (SPF) tool intended to exceed FDNY specifications for their primary handheld forcible entry tools. It is the very first redesigned, (features included) single piece Halligan type tool.

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SPF Hooligan

Technical Specs

SPF Hooligan

  • Single Piece, closed die Forging for absolute consistent lengths
  • Recessed nail puller type claw, a thin curved profile
  • Cable groove at the rear of the tool head
  • High-Phosphorous Electroless nickel plating
  • Parallel opening for gas valve shut-offs, locks and hasps
  • Thinnest claw on the market designed for better wedging
  • Curved bill is long with a smooth incline to force windows and doors
  • Long, sharp, tapered and gently curved pike to break a lock or latch


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