Total Response Kit (TRK)

Modular Reconfigurable Response


The Total Response Kit (TRK) is able to recombine into a full size axe, hooligan or shovel, using a series of lock bars and lock bar connectors. Additionally it includes an interchangeable D-Handle, standard nail puller style claw and metal cutting claw. The lock bars are able to create, using two connected lock bars, full sized shovels, axes or hooligans, or when using a single lock bar, a single handed axe, pry bar or metal cutting instrument. All pieces are electro-plated for durability and corrosion resistance. The TRK comes in a backpack, with each piece held in place in pockets or Velcro loops, for easy compact transport.

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Technical Response Kit (TRK)

Kit Contents

Total Response Kit

Part No. Description Qty
22-000960 TRK (1) 15” Lock-Bar 2
22-000971 TRK (1) Lock-Bar Connector 1
22-000972 TRK D-Handle 1
22-000322 TRK Standard Claw 1
22-000324 TRK Cutting Claw 1
22-000973 TRK Pry-Axe Head 1
22-000980 TRK Hooligan Head 1
22-000994 TRK Sledge Head 1
22-000930 TRK Shark Tooth Shovel 1
22-000940 TRK Back Pack 1
22-000975 TRK Kelly Head 1
22-000984 TRK Rake 1

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