Medium Sized Mobile Response

Everything in its Place

Paratech’s SMT is a low maintenance and cost effective solution for fire departments and rescue teams. The SMT simplifies rescue plans by providing an orderly and organized mobile container for all of your rescue equipment.

The Paratech SMT contains a complete equipment cache, organized to facilitate rapid response to US&R scenarios. Struts and accessories are mounted to reinforced walls with tension springs, air lifting bags are stowed in specially designed racks and base plates are stored in heavy duty plastic ‘stow and go’ boxes for easy transport and quick removal. The trailer itself is reinforced to handle the equipment loads and comes with dozens of thoughtful ‘ease of use’ improvements to help rescuers focus on their work and avoid frustration and wasted time.

The heavy duty fold down door with an attached fold out extension ensures that the back ramp comes fully down to meet the ground and hand trucks never get caught trying to unload equipment. The interior floor is made of textured rubber and not spray grit, so that rescuers always have traction even after years of heavy use. The tension spring mounting system means that equipment is securely stowed with no wasted time messing with clasps, nuts, bolts or pins. Interior lighting is designed to run off of both towing vehicle power or on-board generator, so that equipment is always within view.

The Paratech SMT is designed with rescuers in mind.

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