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Designed to tackle one of the biggest challenges in trench collapse rescue, this kit includes the equipment you need to quickly and safely support your shoring panels. With our proven trench cushion system, you can significantly reduce the time needed to backfill your shoring panels and maintain a vertical surface for support. Included in the kit are two low-pressure square cushions with a 3.3 US ton (3 m ton) capacity that can fill up to an 18 in (46 cm) void. Each cushion is fitted with o-ring harnesses for ease of lowering into the trench and a yellow centering cross to help in positioning the cushions along the sides of the trench wall. Combined with our Paratech Rescue Struts this kit will equip you with the right tools for your next trench rescue.

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Trench Cushion Kit

Kit Contents

Trench Cushion Kit

Part No. Description Qty
22-887060 Trench Cushion 2
22-887310 Single Cushion Controller 7.25 psi / 0,5 bar 2
22-887400 Air Hose 1 in / 25,4 cm dia x 20 ft / 6,1 m Red 1
22-887401 Air Hose 1 in / 25,4 cm dia x 20 ft / 6,1 m Blue 1
22-890513 Air Hose 3/8 in / 9,5 cm dia x 16 ft / 5 m Black 1

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