Turlock Fire Department

Turlock FD

Dispatched to a solo vehicle rollover with fire.  Arrived on scene to a side resting vehicle with a solo occupant trapped inside.  Squad 32 was first in scene and completed primary stabilization using step chocks so we can gain access and assess the patient.  Patient was found to be conscious with heavy trauma to the upper part of the body.  Two Paratech 37-58 struts with 3’ extensions, multi base and 12×12 bases were used on the dirty side of the vehicle in conjunction with ratchet straps to marry the bases to the vehicle.

A 20’ section of 3/8 grade 100 chain was then used to create a bridle around the front tires in order to achieve a vector pull from the Griphoist which was set up on the front of Squad 32.  The evolution completed took 5 minutes and is referred to in our department as a “dirty side tie back”or “same side opposing force”.  With stabilization and extrication the entire call lasted 18 minutes.

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