Structural Shoring

Paratech's Rescue Support Systems for Structural Collapse consists of a full array of vertical shoring equipment and raker shores. With the Absolute Raker, Paratech has the only fully mechanical raker shore available. Absolutely no wood is needed for cross-bracing. Standard Rakers (with wood cross-bracing) are still available as well as upgrade kits, Expansion Kits, and Flying Raker Kits. Urban Search and Rescue Teams around the world rely on the strength and simplicity of Paratech's Structural Shoring equipment to successfully accomplish rescues safely and efficiently.

Every Shore in Half the Time with Twice the Strength

T-Shore, Spot Shore, Vertical Shore, Laced Post, Raker, Double Raker, Sloped Floor, Column, Flying Raker, Horizontal Shore, any shore and more. Paratech’s aluminum alloy  AcmeThread, and Long Shore strut systems are hard coat anodized to reduce electrical conductivity and increase strength and durability. The aircraft grade aluminum components of Paratech struts are the best balance of strength and weight, giving rescuers maximum mobility and versatility. All Paratech structural shoring struts use a locking-collar on square threaded screw shaft design to ensure all components of the strut system transfer load evenly from the point of load contact all the way to the ground, and always default to the locked position.

Paratech offers a full compliment of bases and accessories to ensure the struts can function in any needed shoring configuration. Braces and clamps allow rescuers to tie multiple struts together to form lace-posts, rakers, flying rakers, vertical or horizontal shores and sloped floor shores. Paratech’s pneumatic control equipment can extend struts with air. Paratech also supplies full Urban Search and Rescue shoring kits for a one-stop shop complete shoring package.

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