Trench Shoring

Paratech offers void fill cushions, pneumatic control equipment and shoring struts for trench rescue. Paratech's strut systems are unrivaled in strength and simplicity, making them perfect for trench rescue scenarios.

Safe and Reliable Trench Rescue

Paratech’s trench shoring system includes solutions for long wall, L-Trench and deep trench among others. Paratech struts can be remotely placed ensuring the user never has to step into an unsecured trench. Paratech Trench Shoring is one of the safest, strongest, and simplest systems on the market.

Paratech’s trench shoring can be combined with Paratech’s monopod, bi-pod and tripod systems to allow for high angle rope rescue. We also supply void fill cushions and heavy duty waler kits for a complete trench rescue package.

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Paratech® — Photos Trench Rescue


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