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Founded in 1929, CURTIS offers premier products and superior services to firefighting and emergency responder agencies.  Our tagline, TOOLS FOR HEROES, drives us as we support frontline responders with passion and proven products.


Our specialized Heavy Rescue Team travels the country to educate customers about Paratech tools and demonstrate them in action.  In addition, CURTIS has a team of regional representatives, retail locations, and web sites that support the Paratech tool and equipment needs of frontline workers in fire, law enforcement, and U.S. Military.


CURTIS’ Mission is TO BE THE BEST.  We partner with the best product brands and provide the best personalized service to meet the needs of our customers. Our employees and vendor partners are the cornerstones that drive our business success. Experience CURTIS by calling 877.488.0469 or visiting one of our web sites:
LNCurtis.com | CurtisBlueLine.com | CurtisForceProtection.com
Firebooks.com | ECMSinc.biz


Four Heavy Rescue Specialists Dedicated to Rescue Tool Product Awareness

Jeff Gates has worked with the Paratech line of tools for more than 13 years.  Jeff serves in the capacity of CURTIS Heavy Rescue Specialist Manager and takes care of our customers in the Intermountain states.

Jeff Bonser has been with CURTIS for more than 10 years. As a Heavy Rescue Specialist, he’s traveled and trained our customers on the Paratech family of tools in all 13 CURTIS territory states as well as many U.S. military bases in the U.S. and Japan. Jeff’s primary customer-base includes California and Nevada.

New Mexico native, Brian Bird, has over 28 years of experience in Fire and EMS services. Working as a Heavy Rescue Specialist since 2018, Brian shows off the key benefits of the Paratech line of products in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

Chris Flores recently joined the CURTIS Heavy Rescue Specialist team and will be servicing our customers in the Northwest.  Chris’ previous positions as Firefighter, Assistant Fire Chief for the City of Tukwila (WA) Fire Department, and FEMA USAR Task Force 1 member provided hands-on experience with the Paratech family of products.

Paratech® — Featured Products

Legendary Reliability™
across all fields

  • Air Lifting Bags

    Paratech is the industry leader in Air Lifting Bags with top quality traditional flat bags while also leading the way with entirely new innovative designs. Paratech Air Lifting Bags are made of the highest quality materials to provide peak performance and with dozens of 'ease of use' design choices.

    Air Lifting Bags
  • Forcible Entry Tools

    For more than 50 years Paratech has set the standard for high quality heavy-duty forcible entry tools. These tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency personnel and the life they are saving. From our popular full line of Hooligan Tools to our powerful Percussive Rescue Tool (PRT), to our compact & versatile Pry-Axe, Paratech has led the way in design and manufacturing of dependable and unstoppable forcible entry tools.

    Forcible Entry Tools
  • High Angle and Rope

    Paratech Pod Systems (Tri, Bi and Mono) are the strongest high angle systems available. All kits come with a carrying case and all of the bases needed. Use AcmeThread or LongShore Struts and Extenstions to create a system for your desired length. Paratech's elevator rescue equipment can lock down an elevator car or securely attach to an elevator entry door casing for rope rescue down the elevator shaft.

    High Angle and Rope
  • Impact Tools

    From breaking concrete to cutting the remains of a melted tanker shell apart, Paratech delivers the punch.

    Impact Tools
  • Maritime Damage Control

    The Paratech Damage Control System (DCS) brings maritime damage control shoring into the 21st century. Speed, strength, flexibility and capability are the hallmarks of Paratech’s DCS . Everything about the system has been designed to simplify the difficult task of damage control shoring and improve response time.

    Maritime Damage Control
  • Rescue Trailers

    The Special Mission Tender (SMT) is a rescue response trailer containing equipment packages for Trench Rescue, USAR or both. It's a one-stop-shop for everything you need for rescue, organized for quick mobile response.

    Rescue Trailers
  • Structural Shoring

    Paratech's Rescue Support Systems for Structural Collapse consists of a full array of vertical shoring equipment and raker shores. With the Absolute Raker, Paratech has the only fully mechanical raker shore available. Absolutely no wood is needed for cross-bracing. Standard Rakers (with wood cross-bracing) are still available as well as upgrade kits, Expansion Kits, and Flying Raker Kits. Urban Search and Rescue Teams around the world rely on the strength and simplicity of Paratech's Structural Shoring equipment to successfully accomplish rescues safely and efficiently.

    Structural Shoring
  • Training and Tactics Courses

    Paratech offers a 2-day, 3-day and week-long training courses to enhance your department’s capabilities with Paratech equipment. We will discuss, demonstrate, and perform techniques for real world applications. The training will be performed by certified Instructors that have gone through a rigorous Paratech training program that enables them to provide the finest instruction on Paratech products available.

    Training and Tactics Courses
  • Trench Shoring

    Paratech offers void fill cushions, pneumatic control equipment and shoring struts for trench rescue. Paratech's strut systems are unrivaled in strength and simplicity, making them perfect for trench rescue scenarios.

    Trench Shoring
  • Vehicle Stabilization

    Vehicle stabilization is the first step in extrication. Paratech offers a wide range of stabilization solutions from passenger cars to fully loaded tractor trailers and even locomotives.

    Vehicle Stabilization

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