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Beginning in 1972, after a long tenure in the manufacturing and sales sector of the fire industry, the late Alfred Joseph Stone decided it would be advantageous to use the knowledge he had gained to create his own company in the Fire Service.

Fast forward nearly 50 years, A.J. Stone Company LTD. is run by second and third generation fire professionals with years of experience and fire service backgrounds. Supported by a dedicated team, A.J. Stone Company now employs 3 warehouse staff, 12 office and customer service staff, 9 geographically located outside sales reps, and 5 factory trained Repair and Service Technicians for both in-house and mobile service.

A.J. Stone Company LTD takes pride in providing Ontario fire responders with only the best safety products that the market has to offer. The foundation of their success is deeply routed in the company culture, as well as the manufacturers and vendors that they align themselves with. One of the strong partnership’s that A.J. Stone has carried through the years has been with Paratech. The relationship between A.J. Stone and Paratech is mutually beneficial and centered around the same core values. Both A.J Stone and Paratech want to ensure that the men and women of the Canadian First Responder and Safety Industries are supplied with quality products that help to protect them from occupational dangers.


A.J. Stone Company’s partnership with Paratech has also moved forward to include educational training sessions that can be done at your station or teaching grounds. These demonstration sessions are achieved through the use of a fully operational demonstration trailer to showcase all current Paratech products with knowledgeable A.J. Stone Sales representatives.


Since A.J. Stone Company LTD’s start in fire industry, they have rose to the top of the market and have cemented themselves as a recognizable company within the Canadian fire market that is known for their knowledge, selection and quality of products at fair prices.


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