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Guillevin International has been in the business of Fire, Safety & Industrial supplies since 1987 when they acquired Fleck Brothers, which was servicing the safety and industrial needs of their customers since 1907. Guillevin has continued to grow in this area of expertise, and in 2020 acquired Brogan Safety Supplies, further strengthening their position in sales, service, and the rental of safety equipment. Brogan Safety Supplies was founded in 2008 and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada in 2013 and 2014. Between Fleck Brothers (now renamed Guillevin Fire, Safety & Industrial) and Brogan Safety Supplies, there are locations in three provinces (soon to be 4) , and we continue to service markets encompassing the entire country.


The Calgary Branch is located at: Unit 22, 2305 – 52 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2C 4X7
T: (403)287-0155

Guillevin Fire, Safety & Industrial, and their Calgary branch have been strong supporters of Paratech products for many years. Their continued support with the full-time trailer and support for events will continue to strengthen and grow the relationship between Guillevin/Brogan and Paratech. They offer full sales and support for the Paratech products.


SMT (Rescue Trailer)

In 2021, Paratech and Guillevin/Brogan completed an agreement to have a smaller (7’x12″) trailer outfitted with Paratech to be in Western Canada full-time.

The trailer gave a large compliment of Paratech gear to be available for demos, tradeshows, and the annual Paratech University. The trailer also freed up the Western U.S. Paratech Sprinter from having to come up to Canada for major events.

This partnership shows the commitment between Guillevin/Brogan and Paratech and is key in strengthening the relationship. The trailer will increase exposure and sales in the region.

SMT (Rescue Trailer) image

Steve Eddy

Steve has been actively working with the fire service for over 35 years. He has taken extensive training in North America and around the Alberta area in vehicle extrication and other rescue disciplines. Steve has been involved in the Big Rig Training for the past 13 years since its inception and has a deep knowledge of Paratech equipment and other rescue tools. Steve is active in vehicle extrication competitions in the pit set up and tool demonstrations and scenario design at a local, regional, and national levels. He has instructed numerous emergency services in extrication as an instructor with AVEA to meet the different standards drawing on knowledge, at a world level.

Steve is currently the Paratech Subject Matter Expert with Guillevin Fire & Safety/Brogan Safety in Western Canada. His involvement with Paratech started in the late 1980’s when he was asked by a National Railroad company to devise a system to lift rail cars quickly and safely. The client purchased many sets of lift bags from our trials. The extrication opportunities for lifting bags went quickly from there, including Forestry logging company rescues, pulp and paper mill limb entrapment, and finally into the municipal fire services. Steve has subsequently attended many Paratech Dealer training courses, as have many of Guillevin’s local rescue equipment sales representatives.

During the floods in Calgary in 2013, Guillevin just happened to have our demonstration vehicle in town that week. We, Paratech and the local Fire Rescue Department were called upon to stabilize many homes that had some portions of their foundations washed away. It is estimated by Canmore Fire Rescue that 13 homes were saved valued at over $10 million.

Steve can be reached at:

[email protected]

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