Biel Tool

Compact Personal Forcible Entry

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The Biel Tool incorporates many of the features found in the world famous Paratech ‘Pry-Axe’, but is much smaller and light enough to wear on a belt or carry in the pocket of a bunker coat. This is the perfect personal size multi-purpose forcible entry and rescue tool, designed for forcing doors and windows, prying and twisting hasps and locks, light overhauling, nail removal, gas shutoff, metal cutting and chopping.

Biel Tool Parts and Components

Part No. Description
22-000550 Biel Tool
22-000551 Biel Tool and Sheath
22-000555 Biel Sheath
22-000545 Biel Holster

Technical Specs

Biel Tool

  • Made from heat treated electro-polished stainless steel
  • Molded rubber non-slip handle
  • Axe blade
  • Spanner Wrench function
  • Nail pulling feature
  • Chisel and prying surface
  • Sheet metal cutting claw
  • Gas shut off feature
  • Squared pike to avoid jams

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