Elevator Shaft Rescue Kit (ESR)

Strong Mobile High Angle Systems

High Angle Rescue in any Door, Window, Elevator Shaft, Industrial High Point, or Ship

The Elevator Shaft Rescue Kit (ESR) was designed in conjunction with multiple professional high angle rescue organizations. It was designed to fulfill a need for a strong, mobile, high angle system that was quick and easy to set up.

The ESR can be set up for use in elevator shafts through open elevator doors, but also in standard doorways, windows, blind shaft elevator hatches, industrial high points and on ships. The ESR comes with adjustable bases for longer door thresholds, and has removable angles on the bases for use in window high points. The compression molded rubber foot plates do not mark or damage marble, granite or wooden floors.

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Elevator Shaft Rescue Kit (ESR)

Kit Contents

Elevator Shaft Rescue Kit (ESR)

Part No. Description Qty
22-796266 Angled Rubber Base 2
22-796891 T–Junction 2
22-796905 Adjustable Hinged Base 2
22-796430 Shoring Hammer 1
22-796895 Header Swivel Base 2

*Struts not included

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