Elevator Support Unit Adapter Kit

Lock It Down

Hold It Steady for Rescue

The Elevator Support Unit (ESU) is designed to be a rapid response, floor level solution to an unstable elevator compartment. The ESU can employ any sized Paratech Acmethead strut to lockout an elevator compartment from an open elevator door. The rescuer places the left and right support arms at either side of the toe-guard and underneath the compartment to keep the compartment from falling, then another pair of variable length struts from the compartment floor braced against the floor above to lock it solidly in place.

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Elevator Support Unit (ESU)

Kit Contents

Elevator Support Unit (ESU)

Part No. Description Qty
22-796260L Elevator Support Left Arm 1
22-796260R Elevator Support Right Arm 1
22-796266 Angled Rubber Base 6
22-796430 Shoring Hammer 1
22-000915 Case, ESU Kit 1

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