Gen2 SMT

Comprehensive Mobile Response

The Next Generation SMT

The Gen2 SMT brings new features over the basic SMT:

  • SMT Cache Layout Graphics
  • Master Rack for Air Lifting Bags
  • On-board data resource kiosks
  • Advanced LED Lighting Package
  • 30% Larger than a basic SMT
  • Tongue mounted or on-board generator
  • Up to 25% free weight capacity
  • Room for optional ATV*
    • *Gen 2 US&R and Trench, not provided by Paratech

The Gen2 SMT comes in three variants. The Gen2 US&R SMT, Gen2 Trench SMT and Gen2 Combo SMT. All three use a specially designed and reinforced 20′ trailer.

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Gen2 SMT

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