Rapid E2 SMT

Compact Mobile Response

Small and Maneuverable for Quick Comprehensive Response

The Rapid E2 SMT is fully loaded with a perfect, well rounded cache of equipment. Capable of initiating an array of US&R, Trench and Vehicle rescues, it is small enough to maneuver through narrow streets. The Rapid E2 SMT is self-contained, remote positioned and ready to roll at any time. This versatile trailer consists of a comprehensive set of Paratech equipment in one compact, mobile package.

Includes an Absolute Flying Raker, Remote Placement MULTIFORCE Bag Kit, Man and Machine Kit, Working Air Cart, Pakhammer Kit, PRT Kit, TRK Kit and much much more.

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Rapid E2 SMT

Technical Specs

The E2 comes with:

  • SMT Cache Layout Graphics
  • Master Rack for Air Lifting Bags
  • Exterior Light Tower
  • Portable Generator
  • Extensive Equipment Cache
  • Compact Size


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