Trench Training and Tactics

Awareness, Operations and Technician

Trench Training and Tactics

Trench Rescue remains one of the most dangerous disciplines in Rescue work and the Trench Training and Tactics Course is focused on making safe rescues in and around trenches. The trench types covered will be the most commonly occurring trench accidents, covering the full process from securing the site through victim rescue and recovery of equipment after the rescue. This course samples a wide variety of these and will cover both straight, l-, and T-Trenches using the Paratech Rescue Struts System, Waler System, Trench Bags and Pod Systems for Victim Rescues.

The Awareness level Trench Training and Tactics Course is 4 hours and the max students accepted is limited by classroom size, this is offered on a virtual platform as well. The course is hands off and covers basic introduction to the products, their use, maintenance, theory of use and best practice.

The Operation level Trench Training and Tactics Course is a basic hands on course for students that have taken the awareness level courses, going over theory and applying this in real world scenarios created on site. This class is 16 hours (2 days) and is limited to 40 students.

The Technician level Trench Training and Tactics course covers the more tactical aspect of Rescues in and around trenches, including in depth tab information on all equipment needed on scene, both Paratech and other products. This class is 24 hours (3 days) and is limited to 40 students.

Part No. Description Level Duration Max Students
22-PTTRA Trench Awareness AWS 4 Hours Classroom Dependent
22-PTTRO Trench Operations OPS 16 Hours 40
22-PTTRT Trench Technician TECH 24 Hours 40

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Trench Training and Tactics

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