Rancagua Fire Department

We received a call informing a miner trapped in a mining shaft after a collapse. At our arrival we confirmed the information and found a miner inside the shaft with his right arm and right leg trapped between the shaft wall and a collapsed boulder. It was a dangerous situation because the shaft walls were still under collapse risk. We stabilized the shaft walls and the collapsed boulders with Paratech AcmeThread struts using the same technics trained for trench rescue. Then we moved some boulders with air lifting bags until release both trapped limbs. It took 6 hours of hard work inside the mine shaft. The miner was sent to hospital with minor injuries. For us was impossible to recover our Paratech equipment due the dangerous place we were working in, but it served the purpose for which it was acquired.


Individuals Involved:

Rescue 3

Rescue 5


Rancagua Fire Department image

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