Webster Fire Rescue

At 12:47 pm on Sunday, August 14, 2022 Southern Worcester County dispatch toned out an assignment for Webster Fire and Rescue to respond to 47 Cudworth Road for a report of a deck with 7 people on it that had collapsed with 1 person trapped. Engine 4 and rescue 1 responded and found the the deck had detached from the house causing 1 person to slide down against the house causing furniture, a propane grille and other items on the deck to fall on top of him. There was an odor of propane from the grille hose that had dislodged. Firefighters needed to quickly shore up the deck so the propane tank could be shut off and the victim removed. Paratech struts were deployed to stabilize the deck to prevent any further movement. A section of the spindles were removed with a chain saw allowing the securing of the propane leak and facilitating removal of the patient.

Chief Brain Hickey, Command
Deputy Chief Chris W. Jolda, Operations
Robert Gryncewicz Jr, Firefighter
Lindsey Grasis, Firefighter
Chris Wilson, Firefighter
Ryan Morton, Firefighter

Webster Fire Rescue image

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