Cedar Rapids Fire Department

There was an approximately 40′ long by 15′ wide trench next to a building. There was a worker in the trench trapped by a partial collapse and spoil pile collapse. A citizen cleared some dirt off the trapped worker’s face and chest prior to arrival of the fire department. The crews were able to shore up the trench, dig the patient out, and then he was transported by ambulance to a hospital.


People Involved

Engine 1, 3, 5, 6, 8,
Truck 1
Rescue 1

BC 1, 2


E1 – ACTC Kroemer, FF Block, FF Hartman
E3 – ACTC Lundquist, FF Lange, FF Lopez,
E5 – Captain Merkle, FF Mick, FF Oboerfoell
E6 – ACTC Rammelsberg, FF Levins, FF Roder
E8 – Captain Mell, FF Ugarph, FF VanWeelden

Training Division – Captain Goodlove and Captain Hershberger

TRK 1 – Captain Heims, FF Mersch, FF Smothers
Rescue 1- Captain Fairlie and FF Miller
Bat 1 – Battalion Chief Andrews
Bat 2 – Battalion Chief Brian Gibson

Cedar Rapids Fire Department image

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