At 1220 hours on April 19, 2023 we were dispatched to the corner of W 140 St. and &th Ave for a person pinned beneath a vehicle. Upon arrival we found a male patient on a motorcycle pinned beneath an SUV. The patients motorcycle was pinning his right leg between the bike and the ground, and the bike was pinned beneath the vehicle. Access to the patient was further compromised as the SUV collided with a parked USPS panel van thus also pinning the victim between the van and SUV. Members gained access to the patient from underneath the USPS panel van and deployed the Paratech high pressure airbags under the front tire of the motorcycle. Other members positioned a floor jack at the front of the SUV. The floor jack was used to lift the SUV off of the motorcycle creating space to subsequently lift the bike. Once enough space was created the airbag was used to lift the motorcycle and free the victim. The victim suffered significant systemic trauma but was extricated in under 5 minutes and transferred to FDNY EMS for transport.


People Involved

Capt. Matthew Cronin
LT Daniel Bernard
FF Francis Donnelly
FF Paul DeBartolomeo
PFF Jeremy Rios
FF Michael Sassi
FF Micheal Garfius
FF Chrisolas Moore

FDNY image

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