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Around 01:35 hours, EGP was dispatched to a car into a house. Upon Car 5 arrival, a vehicle had crashed into the second floor of a residence and the occupant was still in vehicle. The back end of the vehicle was sitting on the bed of a pick up truck that was parked in the driveway while the front of the vehicle was in the second floor. The scene was assessed and the plan formulated. The members of the department used their Partech vehicle stabilization struts to stabilize the vehicle. Once the vehicle was stabilized, the members gained access from a tower ladder and used the hydraulic rescue tools to open up the drivers side door to extricate the patient from the vehicle. The patient was transferred to EMS on scene and transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. The room that the vehicle crashed into was occupied by two sleeping adults. Thankfully the two sleeping adults were not injured.


Individual Involved

Keith Milton – Fire Chief IC
Richard Huntley – Assistant Chief
Cameron Milton – Lieutenant
Paul Bartha – Firefighter
Stephen Grivois – Firefighter
Dale Huntley – Firefighter

Car 5 – Chief
Rescue 5
Engine 52

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