Damage Control Bases and Connectors

Modular, Reconfigurable, Versatile Damage Control Shoring

Brace for Impact

Paratech offers many bases and connectors to help you shore the layout specific to your ship. By having modular, replaceable bases, Paratech’s Damage Control Shoring system can be reconfigured on the fly to meet nearly any shoring requirement. With the Clamp and Clevis connector, multiple shores and braces can be quickly laced together without measurement or tooling of any kind to create incredibly strong shoring systems.


Part No. Description
22-798E00 Damage Control Rubber End
22-798E02 Damage Control Rail End 02
22-798E04 Damage Control Rail End 04
22-798E06 Damage Control Angled End
22-798E08 Damage Control Rubber Corner End
22-798E10 Damage Control Rubbered Angled End
22-798C10 Damage Control Latch Connector
22-798C20 Damage Control Clamp & Clevis Connector

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Damage Control Bases and Ends

Technical Specs

Each Damage Control Shoring system base and connector has a slightly different purpose, some to shore against flat bulkheads, some to shore against corners, others hatches, but each is constructed to withstand the dangerous environment of a hull breach.

  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Designed to operate unrestricted fully submerged
  • Compression molded rubber pads to accommodate surface flex
  • All rubber parts composed of chemically resistant neoprene
  • Neoprene washer friction brakes to simplify shoring connections


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