Vehicle Stabilization Kit (VSK) Controller


This innovative controller is capable of extending the heaviest combination of struts and extensions with a simple on/off control. Its low 25 PSI / 2Bar pressure reduction and unique automatic vent relief feature, eliminates the fear of over pressurizing in the event of a load shift, ensuring a secure and steady strut extension. Ideal for safely chasing stabilization struts while performing a lift. NOW WITH TWO AIR OUTLETS!

The VSK Controller safely connects an air source to stabilization struts. When combined with other lifting equipment such as Air Lifting Bags or Hydrafusion Struts, the VSK Controller will extend the struts into continuous contact with the moving load without applying additional complicating lifting forces. Rescuers can follow the strut’s automatic extension with the locking collar, ensuring that the lifted vehicle is fully supported, even in the event of a sudden load shift.

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VSK Controller

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